Selling an Idaho Home? 
Get It Done the Peachy Way

Experience Over 30 years of professional experience in Real Estate marketing, sales, construction, lending and client referrals. Longevity in the business with proven results for getting the job done.

 More Money in Your Pocket - The average agent’s listings sell within 92% of the listing price. Peach Peterson listings sell within 99% of the listing price which ultimately nets you more money.

Referrals - 68% of our business comes from past clients and sphere of influence referrals. Clients want to rehire us because of our professionalism and superior customer service. They refer their family, friends and co-workers to us for all of their real estate needs. Proof of a job well done.

Internet - We have the most up-to-date office and technology systems in place in order to provide superior internet marketing. We are currently on over 75 different websites giving your home maximum exposure to potential buyers.

Track Record - Peach has been a licensed broker for 25 years. And prior to that was in Sales & Marketing as an administrator for a large real estate company in California. When you have been in the business this long—you  have experienced several real estate cycles adjusting our business practices accordingly. In the last 30 plus years, the Peach Peterson Team has helped over 3,000 individuals/families to buy and sell real estate.

Communication – It’s simple, we want you to know each step of the way what is happening and what to expect. We call you with weekly updates and are always informing you to what is happening with the sales process.

Pro Active Search for your Buyer - Peach proactively prospects each day on behalf of our listings. We have an extensive database as well as a precise system for calling to find new buyers for our listings. We make an average of 300 calls per week which equates to almost 10,000 calls per year looking for the buyer for your home. 

Availability - Prospective buyers can call every day. Your property is exposed to the market 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our website sends me a text and email (both) to and notifies us of their name and phone numbers so we can call them. Our office is open 6 days a week and there is a dedicated agent on duty Monday to Saturday and Sundays by appointment. We are accessible. 

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